Friday, October 16, 2009

Goin' Home!

This morning's verdict is that we're GOIN' HOME today.

He had his echocardiogram. Don't know the results from it yet because they only completed it about ten minutes ago. But the nurse just checked his heart rate and said it's still a little high. However, it must not be concerning them too much because of the fact that it's been on the high side since we were admitted.

The white cell count was down from 13 to 10 this morning, so Doctor Y has given us the green light. We are expected to leave some time this afternoon once all the paperwork is complete.

I will continue to update the blog over the next while as to Blake's health, so I would ask that you please not overwhelm my telephone with calls. I do appreciate everyone's concern, but I have lots of paperwork to do regarding the Remicade, and I can only imagine how much housework needs to be done. I just called Jon to arrange for him to pick us up this afternoon, and I can just imagine him at home right now doing the mad-dash to tidy up! hahaha

I'm feeling a bit apprehensive about going home, actually. It's comforting in knowing that if a problem arises, the nurse is just on the other side of the door; going home makes me think of the last time I was in the house and Blake was unconscious. I'm a little scared of Blake going downhill again so fast; but now that I know how fast things can happen, I'll have him at a hospital at the first signs of anything! Doctor Y says that we should call Doctor D at any signs of pain, blood, chills, fever..... If we can't reach Doctor D in Kingston, we are to contact our own doctor in Picton, Doctor C. If we can't reach her either, we are to head to the hospital to emerg. and ensure they know Blake is receiving Remicade and needs attention. As long as I know that I'm not over-reacting or being a hypochondriac, I'll feel better about calling them or taking him to emerg.

So I need to get things packed up here so we're ready to clear out when they tell us to. Thank you for your prayers and concerns. We still have such a long road ahead of us.... this is a life-long disease that Blake will have to battle with. I'm sure life will get "normal" soon, if there IS such a thing as "normal".

But in the meantime, this time of fresh water and green grass will help to give us our strength.

Chat with you all again soon.

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Sophia said...

We are glad to hear that Blake will be able to go home and contiue recovering in his own space at least! :)
We will continue to pray that he continues to make steady progress..
Keep your spirits up Blake!