Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fresh Water and Green Grass

Good morning.

I was just checking emails and decided to check the blog to see what I wrote yesterday. I am getting really tired sometimes when I'm typing, so when I re-read the posts the next day, it's almost like I'm reading it for the first time.... and I WROTE the bloody thing! hahaha. (Oh... should cool it on the blood jokes! haha)

I was thinking that maybe some of you might be scratching your heads at the part in my last post where I talked about praying for Blake to be nourished with fresh springs of water and green grass as he passes through this valley.

I remember hearing a sermon a long time ago about trials. None of us want to go through them, obviously. Reference is usually made to us being "in the valley" when we go through dark times.

But the person giving the sermon made the comment that being in the valley is really a good spot to be. He said that in a real valley, animals can quench their thirst in the streams of fresh water and there's an abundance of good healthy green grass for them to feed upon.

What he was saying was that when we are going through a trial and feel that we are in a valley, the valley actually is the best spot to be. Don't you all notice that when you're going through a hard time and there's nothing you can do about it, who do you call upon? The Lord. Would you maybe be calling on him as much if everything were going along hunky-dorey? Maybe, but not as likely. At least I know that's not the case for ME. I have not called upon the Lord more at any other time before than I have the last two to three years. Why? Because I, along with Jon and kids, have been in a really tough trying time, a trial.

But I can also tell you that I probably have never felt as much peace as I have in these last few years. No, it hasn't been easy. My heart's been broken a few times. But in the valley, I have been learning to feed upon the "fresh water" and the "green grass".

So if the true nourishment is in the valley, one would wonder why we're always trying to get out of the valley to try and climb that mountain, eh? Frankly, right now, I'm too tired to climb any mountains. I think this just might be my time to get nourished in the valley.... a time for me to grow stronger in the Lord by relying on HIS strength. I mean, really..... there's no way I can control this situation at all. I can't make Blake better. It's out of my hands.

So while we go through our valleys, our trials, we'll take the time to feed upon what's supplied in the valley. That will give us the strength to some day climb the mountain.

But let me tell ya, sure as shootin', when I get to the top of that mountain, I'll be staking a flag with a huge sign that says, "THE FOUNDS WERE HERE! WITH GOD'S HELP, WE MADE IT!"

Don't be too anxious to scramble out of your own valley.... it's where you're gonna get fed.


Victoria said...

Michelle, you never cease to amaze me <3 I love you!!!

Lynda Westervelt said...

Hi Michelle and Blake (and family)....we continue to pray for all of you and talk to God about it all.....and wonder why... thinking of you as you walk through your valley..... know you're not there by yourself... love you all.... I have to be in Kingston today (Wednesday) for some tests.... i may just stop by and say 'boo'..... stay focused on our 'Dad" above and hold his hand..... heck, just climb on His back and ride for a while..... let Him clear whatever path He has in mind for you all... you WILL come out the other end knowing your true "ABBA, DADDY' better than you ever did..... hang in...later, lynda

kkaci said...

Good word, Michelle. Very good word.

S said...

Ahh, girl, this post made me cry--you seem to have that affect. I love your heart. We are sort of emerging out of a valley and I've been feeling like I miss that...not that I want to go back, but when I was in the depths of it, I KNEW that God was the only thing getting me through and giving me true and deep joy and peace--no doubt about it. I never had a longing to feel Him near, because every moment it was obvious to me.
Now that I'm coming through the other side, I pray that the tangible presence would be evident to me, because He IS still ever near and it's because of HIM that I feel steady and confident and that things better and we have seen His promises come to pass.
But those valleys are such a time of blessing and growth and refreshment, if we let them be.
On the radio the other day, they said, "God never said there wouldn't be storms, but He always promises to see us through them!" And at Bible study the other night, someone said, "God may stretch us, but He will never destroy us."
I find so much comfort in that.
That song, "I will praise you in the storm" comes to my mind so often. It's easy to praise our Creator when things are going great, but our true test of heart is if we will still praise Him when it's hard to do so. What's even more great is that HE will supply us what we need to praise Him!
You are such a blessing!
I am so filled with hope at what God is going to show you all in the days, weeks, and months to come!