Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey, Springarama Girls... It's A Small World!

The other night we were all sitting in the sunroom (well, since it was night time, I'll call it the 'moonroom'), and there was a young girl sitting in there working on her computer.

After some time, she said to Blake, "I think we went to school together; my name's Natasha." Well of course Blake and I recognized her at that point. One of the things I remember from Blake's kindergarten days was him coming home after they were getting ready for their Christmas Concert. He held both hands up to his ears and said, "NATASHA SINGS TOO LOUD!!!" hahhaa. I shared that with Natasha and she said, "Oh yes, I was always told I sang overtop of everyone else!"

Anyways, Natasha's boyfriend is in here with some pancreatic problems. He is on the mend now, but was really quite deathly ill, literally. A few minutes ago I had been sitting in the sunroom visiting with Natasha while Blake was back here in the room visiting with a school chum. Natasha's boyfriend's mom came in the room to ask Natasha what time she wanted to go back to the house for a rest, and Natasha introduced us.

Guess what the woman said?

She said, "Yes, I recognize you from Springarama!"

HAHAHAHAAAA. Even with all my teeth in my mouth, she recognized me! heee-heee-heeeee.

So now that I know her name, I told her we'd call her up on stage. She said, "No, no, I just won't come!" I said, "Well then, we'll come down and 'git ya'!" haha.

It is such a small world.

So, all you prayer warriors out there.... please pray for the young man on this floor named Brad, and pray for his mom (Donna) and his girlfriend (Natasha).

And next April, Springarama girls, remind me that we'll have to incorporate Donna into whatever shenanigans we decide to incorporate into Saturday Night Live!

And as an update on our roomy, Ron, today has been an almost normal day for him. I'm so relieved to see him improve. He still had some chats this morning with "The Invisible Man", but he's doing so much better tonight. He actually slept today for the first time since Friday night!!!!! Aaaaand he actually ate some soup tonight! He really hasn't eaten anything since we arrived eleven days ago. He's doing so much better.

Don is still being comical over there across the room. He has an extremely short (and I mean extreeeeeemely short) memory, but he is as funny as funny can be. He's 92 and I think his birthday is in a week and a half. He's headed for a nursing home sooner or later. He doesn't want to go, but knows that it's inevitable. I think he's gonna have some nursing home staff members in 'stitches'.

And Blake? Well, he's doing well. The nurse is just doing his night-time vitals and his blood pressure is "textbook" at 122/80. They weighed him today and he's up FIVE POUNDS! He's stronger than ever, wanting to head to The County. We're definitely here until the end of the week. They want a few more days of the "bagged food" gettin' into him. I don't think we're spending the weekend, but things are always subject to change. Also, they are switching his antibiotics from I.V. to oral tomorrow.

I'm tellin' ya, I think I'm gonna miss this place when we leave. Like I said, the staff is great, and I'm just lovin' these two gentlemen in here so much. Maybe I can take them home with me.......

I'm thinkin' that I've put on some weight in here myself!.... my pants are fittin' a bit tighter. Tsk-tsk.... I'm thinkin' I need to do some walkin' when I get home..... get out and enjoy all those pretty leaves that are changing so quickly. I always like going to my parents' house at Thanksgiving to see all the pretty coloured leaves. We have no trees directly around our house, but we do have some at the back of the property.

Life is like the seasons, eh? Always changing. Nothing remains the same. But it comes full circle....

We go through the dry times, the cold times, the freezing times, the thawing times, and then those glorious warm times, the new growth times, the fresh times..... helps to know the good times will circle around again someday.

In the meantime, we've been surrounded by some major lovin' from all of ya. Thank you again. We appreciate it so much.


Janna said...

I'm sitting here laughing at how celebrities sometimes put on sunglasses or fake beards to disguise themselves when they want to go out and about. In your case, celebrity "Ma" is in disguise when she takes her teeth out. So funny!

Lynda Westervelt said...

..........so happy to hear that Blake is up a few pounds and doing well......God is so good to us all... not only will you miss that place, Michelle..but i'm pretty sure they'll miss you as well.....your blog posts are so inspirational and uplifting, even in the tough times....God is using you and Blake both, even while you're in hospital... but i'm with Blake.... i think it's time the county got the county boy back here where he belongs.....keep up the good work Blake.... and be nice to your mom ;-)