Friday, October 9, 2009

I Tweeked That Last Post A Bit....

I tweeked the last post a bit.... I was pretty tired last night when typing.

None of the basic information changed; I just changed a few words or tenses for clarification.

One other Good News I forgot to share. We have a TV in our room and it's working. Apparently you have to order the TV if you want it, but we have a huge selection of channels. I said to the nurse, "I hope they don't charge me for this, because I never ordered the TV." She said, "If it's working, and they charge you when you leave, just tell them it was on when you came!"

We really haven't watched a lot of TV. It seems as soon as we get involved in a show, a nurse stops in to poke and prod at Blake, we have a visitor, the doctors are doing their rounds, Blake will have to go to the bathroom, or the phone rings. hahhaa. Pretty much just like at home, eh? hahaha.

It's dark and dismal outside today. All this rain the past week is seeking vengeance from our wonderful summer that we experienced!

Today we should be starting the Remicade. They'll shortly change the lines on his food bags, probably within the next few minutes because the machines are beeping for a new bag! This technology is amazing. I don't know how these nurses do it. There is sooo much to know. God bless them. And technology keeps changing things for the nurses. Now that Blake is on these foods, they need to check his sugar level every day; and the machine that they're using must be a newer one because the nurse had a hard time with it. She said, "I don't know why we couldn't have just kept the other machine, it worked just fine!"

Anyways, they're very smart young ladies, and if I were a young man in a hospital room, I would surely be pushing the "call button" frequently as they are very beautiful young ladies and very very caring and kind. And some of them are real comedians. They are very short-staffed here, and when I hear them talking, it sounds much like what you hear at Picton. I think we need to stick some of our politicians on some of these floors in beds and make them stay for a few days, just so they can get a real taste of what these nurses go through. And while we're at it, we'll make them eat the food as well (although last night's supper was actually heavenly!).

I can't believe we've been in here a week already! Wow! The time has flown. I thought it would drag on, but it certainly hasn't. This computer has helped because the blogging makes me feel closer to you all. Please don't hesitate in leaving Comments for Blake. I know some of you have been having trouble getting the Comments to post (Hi there all you cuz'ns in Hamilton. Sorry you're having trouble.... keep trying! I have the same problem on some folks' blogs as well... I just keep pressing buttons until something happens!).

Ooopsie, the nurse came in a while ago, and we took a trip to the bathroom, and then "I" went to the bathroom, and I forgot I was in the middle of a post! Now I've just returned from getting some breakfast, so I'll send this out there to y'all.

While I was getting my breakfast, Blake had a visitor. Apparently, he has an appointment with a third year student at 1:30pm today. They want to use him as a guinea pig. They'll probably do some vitals and ask questions, etc. I told Blake, "Did you say, 'Well I'm pretty busy, I'll have to see if I can fit you in!'" hahahaha.

OK, my bacon and eggs are getting cold. If you have to come to KGH, might I recommend the food from the Auxiliary at the main lobby? It's fabulous. However, I cannot tell you enough how good that chicken was last night at the cafeteria! I hope they serve leftovers today!!!!!

Chat with y'all soon.

Sorry, one last thing.... our neighbour's son, Greg, and his girlfriend are expecting a baby and they're only at 21 weeks. Her water broke so she's been admitted here. She may go home in a few days but will be back at 24 weeks and will be likely bed-ridden. Greg says the baby and momma are currently doing well. He says they have some pretty amazing nurses on his floor as well. Please pray for them. Thanks.


Darlene Shantz said...

Michelle & Blake - I've been thinking of you and what a difficult time this has been. I hope this is a turning point and Blake just gets better and better from here on in but it sure has been a rough time for your family. Love that you have the computer blog to keep us all informed! Get well soon Blake - I've never forget hauling you out of the pond and sending you home in Sondra's clothes. ha, ha

Carol Reed said...

I am so glad to hear positive reports on Blake's health. Blake, I'm sure you think this is a slow process in getting you back on your feet, but be patient (and I don't mean, but I do mean hospital patient - play on words - haha!). Remember, you didn't get this sick over night and it will take time for your body to get back where it was (AND THAT'S MY PRAYER). I can't wait for the time when you are well enough to walk into my office and say hello! I'm holding you to it! LOL! Hang in there Jon and Michelle. I can only imagine the emotional stress you have both been under. I know God is holding you all up. This is a "BIG HUG" surrounding all of you and a "BUBBLE OF PRAYER" to keep you all safe in the arms of God. Thanks for the posts, Michelle. I feel well informed of Blake's condition.

Michelle Found said...

Darlene, I could not recall the story of Blake falling in the pond. He just reminded me of the details. I sure hope we returned the jeans to you... hahaha.

Blake appreciates Sondra & Zach's visits (here and in Picton). She's always been one of his best friends.

Thanks for leaving the Comment. Blake chuckled at the memory of falling into the pond....or rather, as HE recalls it, the dog pushing him in. hahahahahahaa