Friday, October 9, 2009

Bring On The Remicade $$$$$

Here we go, folks. The hour of decision!

Just shortly after noon, the Remicade started to be administered. Blake is hooked up to the blood pressure machine which monitors his pressure every 15 minutes.

Today they start the meds a little slow and will slowly increase it. No allergic reactions have been noticed so far.

Doctor D, our gastroenterologist specialist, just stopped by to see how the Remicade was going. We reported that the bleeding has stopped and bowels are getting better in texture and colour (pretty gross to talk about, I know; but it's a great positive sign).

Doctor D wants to put him on a medication called Septra. Because of the fact that he is on Remicade AND Prednisone, there is a greater risk of him getting pneumonia (Grandma Steenburgh always pronounced it puhmonia.) Prednisone will be decreased by 10mg every five days or so; so tomorrow his Prednisone will be 40mg. Once the Prednisone is finished, he can also stop taking the Septra.

Also, his TPN flow (bagged food) has been increased to 80. This just means that it's going full force now (the dietician had started the TPN off slowly and they have been increasing it by 15 every twelve hours).

Well, I started typing this at 12:45 this afternoon and it's now after 3pm. We've had visitors and phone calls and the afternoon is just flying by.

We appreciate everyone's thoughtfulness and prayers. There are many of you who have been digging down deep in your wallets to help us out with gas expenses and money for food for me here at the hospital as well as Jon and the boys. Some have also been giving Blake some money for the college fund. You cannot know how much we appreciate this. We know these are hard times for many of you as well; however, you choose to make sure we're looked after. Let me tell ya.... I'm a very big believer in "what goes around comes around". You will be very blessed by the Lord for helping us out at this difficult time, and I just don't have the words to tell you what's in my heart. Jon and I have shed many tears together as we've discussed the unselfish generosity of so many people.

I am welling up as I type, so I'm going to close now before the nurse starts looking at me funny. We are certainly overwhelmed at the kindness of family, friends, and our community.

My deepest heartfelt gratitude to you........

P.S. - Hi Stacey! Glad to hear you were "almost Canadian". hahhaa.... Now you have to say "eh" once in a while. Wanted you to know that I leave comments on your blog, but most of the time there's a error and they get erased. I am really enjoying what you have to say as you go through your own journey. Glad to know that in the family of God, there are no strangers. I've got a great friend, who I call my sister, in Oregon. We are united through Christ and she's been my lifeline over the last few years. And now this blogging world brings me in touch with folks like you. You are an encouragement to me, so you keep up with that blogging! I'll keep trying to post comments on your blog and maybe one day they'll stick! Chat again later, huh? :O)

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