Thursday, October 29, 2009

Change In Plans - Dose is NOT a 'Go'

We had a little change in plans today.....

We got to Kingston (and got there EARLY, I might add!) and chatted with Nurse Jane (very nice lady), and got some preliminary stuff reviewed and out of the way.

Then the topic came up about not getting an infusion when you have any infections (which we already knew); but when we mentioned that Blake seemed to be coughing a bit and sounded a little "nasally", the nurse decided that we'd better check his temperature.


His temperature was 38.2 degrees. She was not confident that the infusion should take place today. She hesitated, then checked his temperature again, and it still read 38.2 degrees so she made a judgement call to hold off.


She felt bad that we'd come all that distance just to turn around and go home again. I told her not to worry about it.... I said that I would rather she not administer the Remicade if she felt there was any risk in Blake getting worse because of the onset of this cold that Blake is experiencing.

So back to the car we went and Blake suggested we go somewhere for lunch. What a great idea! It wasn't in the original plans, but it works for ME, 'specially since he was buying!

We went to Montana's. You all know that place, right? It's one of those restaurants where you can write on the paper tablecloth!

But she didn't leave us any crayons, so I used pen.

Check it out:

This is SUPPOSED to be Blake with an angry look (because he couldn't get his infusion)..... I think it's just a "hurry-up-and-take-the-stupid-picture" look.

What a nice boy to treat his Momma to lunch.

I know this is blurry, but I had a healthy caesar salad and some potato skins with sour cream.... yummah!!!!!

So, we didn't get the dose, but we had a nice lunch. And then we went to St. Mary's Of The Lake to visit our ol' roomy, Don; however, he was at speech therapy for an hour and we couldn't wait around that long because I had to be back to Picton to pick up Jared from soccer practice. So we left Don a card, because today is his 93rd birthday! Unfortunately, because of his strokes, I don't think he'll have a clue who the names are in the card, but maybe we can stop in to visit him when we go for the next infusion, and hopefully he will recognize our faces.

This is Don when we were at Kingston General Hospital a few weeks ago.

Nurse Jane says that we will likely get the Remicade infusion on Monday, as long as Blake does not have a temperature, so that's good news. I should be getting a call on Friday to confirm the appointment.

I am likely going to head back to Kingston tomorrow morning (Friday) to attend Ron's funeral. (Ron was our other roomy at Kingston General; he passed away October 24th.) Blake was going to come with me to the funeral, but he was pretty tired today, so I'm thinking he might just spend Friday resting. He has a busy Saturday ahead of him with the pancake fundraiser.

Anyways, here is a picture of Ron at Kingston General. He was cat-napping when I took his photo. I am sad that he's now gone, bless his heart.

After Ron's funeral tomorrow, I will race back to Belleville for Jared's one o'clock championship soccer game.

Go P.E.C.I. Junior Panthers!!!!

Well, that's it for tonight folks. I'm very tired and still have a mess in the kitchen to clean up. I can't believe how busy this week has been; the weekend doesn't look much better; and next week is proving to fill up quickly.

All I can say is, I'm needin' some Calgon!

Chat at ya soon.

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