Friday, October 16, 2009

We're Home

We're home.....

Been home since around 3pm-ish. Blake actually travelled home with his friend Travis. Travis came for a visit at the hospital, and when they released Blake, the two boys decided they'd like to have lunch. Jon was already on his way, so the boys left the hospital and I waited for Jon in the room because of all the bags of stuff we had.

I decided that since Jon was still about half an hour's drive away that I would head to the cafeteria and grab my lunch (actually my brunch... I didn't eat breakfast this morning).

When I got off the elevator, there were two other gentlemen headed down the same hall as me, and I recognized one of them as being Don's son. (Don is one of Blake's roomies). I said, "Are you Don's sons?" They looked surprised and said, "yes". I told them how my son was in the same room as Don and that I had spent the last two weeks in there too, and I told them how much fun I'd had getting to know their Dad. They kind of looked shocked! I told them how he's kept me in stitches with his humour and how I would give him "trouble" when he tried to sneak to the bathroom without the assistance of the nurses. They looked puzzled and said, "He's walking on his own?" I said, "Well, he's not supposed to... but he sure liked to try!" Don's sons live out of town and haven't seen him for two weeks, so I'm sure they must've been impressed when they got to sit down with him today and see how much he has progressed.

When I got back to the room, I told Don, "Hey hey hey! You've got a surprise in the hallway!! Your two boys are here to see ya!" Don and his two sons were meeting with hospital officials and doctors to determine if Don is well enough to live on his own. Don really wants to stay in his house, but I'm not sure if that will happen. I would imagine he'll ultimately move into a nursing home facility.

So I told Don I would be leaving before he returned to the room from his meeting. We had a nice hug and he said some very nice complimentary things to me. I felt like I was saying goodbye to my grandpa!

Then I moved to Ron's bed. I said my goodbye to him and told him how nice it was to share a room with him. I said that I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to personally say goodbye to his wife, Joan, but that I had left her a note. I gave Ron a kiss and hug goodbye and thought, "Lord, are You SURE I can't take these men home with me??"

Jon arrived and we gathered up the bags and headed down the elevator. The doors opened and there was Joan! I was able to say my goodbye to her personally and I gave her a big hug. I think I would've brought HER home too. I left her my number in hopes that she will call me with updates on Ron's health. I think maybe next week, I might have to take a little road trip to Kingston to visit "my boys". I was eating supper tonight and said to Jon and the kids, "I wonder how my boys are making out tonight........" I can't help but feel torn. Sounds silly, I know. I feel silly now just typing this with tears running down my face..... I think I might just be a tad bit overtired. But I can't help but feel blessed by getting to know Don and Ron & Joan. I am glad when the Lord puts special people in our paths.

Well, Blake is on the computer with his sweetheart in Brasil. He says this is the best he's felt in well over a year. I so badly want it to last. Looks like the next Remicade treatment will be Tuesday, October 27th. Until that time, we are to just keep taking the Prednisone, Flagyl, Cipro, and Septra. Any signs of chills or fever or bleeding or pain, we are to contact the doctors and head to emerg. Praying that he stays HEALTHY.

OK, I'm yawning and need to change the laundry. Going to bed soon. Tomorrow is double-header for Jared in hockey. Four bantam teams with only two goalies, so Jared plays two games in a row now every Saturday. That means I'm at the arena from 11:30 'til almost 2:30 every Saturday. Better dig out those long-johns.

Many thanks to those of you who have dropped off food for Jon and Jake and Jared, (and thanks for supper tonight Andrea! It was deeeelicious!) and also thanks to many of you who have forwarded money to assist with travel expenses and food expenses and also money for upcoming medical treatment expenses. Your generosity has truly blown me away. How am I ever going to thank all of you?

I am truly blessed.


Lynda Westervelt said...

Welcome home!!!!!! so happy to hear that Blake is feeling better than he has in a year..... that is great news.......don't go out and overdo now Blake......i know it won't be easy if you're feeling well, but take it somewhat easy for a while.....i can't wait to see some meat on those bones again... we'll pray for no complications and a smooth and healing road ahead...... love you all....God bless... lynda

S said...

Great news! Bless your heart for caring so much about the roomies! Spend that much time with anyone and of course you'd be attached! You learn a lot about people in those sorts of situations. I hope they will stay in touch! I feel like even I want to know how they continue to progress! haha.
Now get some sleep, dear! I was exhausted from reading Sunday's post! I can't imagine how you must be feeling!