Monday, October 5, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/10/05 #2

Hi Ho, everyone.

Greetings from Kingston General's Kidd Wing - Room 641 - Bed 2.

I come to you from my very comfortable chair next to Blake's bed. I'm thinking this would be good in my rec-room. It's not as wide as a regular recliner, but it reclines almost flat and I'm able to get a good rest on it, now that I have a nice blanket! My girlie Taimi and her son Nathan brought me a comfy pillow and comforter with matching slippers! They brought Blake a bag of goodies in a Superman bag. Two of the many items were a little gun that shoots disks.... guess that's for Blake to flirt with shoot the nurses.... hahahaha.... as well as a foam puzzle of the human body's organs. First organ that Blake removed was the large intestine! hahahahaha.

Anyways, I was just sitting here thinking of Blake's hemoglobin and thought I should advise you that the level today is up to 90. It has gone up eleven points, so that news excites me! But right after the nurse told me, she asked how many bowel movements he's had today and I said "none" and she said, "well, his heart rate is a little high, so they want to know where the blood is going". Yikies. I didn't like to hear THAT. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. I'm not surprised that he hasn't passed anything because he was completely emptied last night for the colonoscopy procedure today, and he hasn't eaten one thing all day except jello in the early afternoon. Anyways, she drew some more blood so they could do another hemoglobin count.

(Update regarding blood count: Resident Doctor Michelle (nice name!) was just in (11:13pm) and said his last hemoglobin check was back down to 84. His heart rate is still a little high at 120, but she said it apparently didn't even go down when he was sedated today during the colonoscopy. They will continue to monitor the blood count as well as the heart rate. They're not overly concerned about the heart rate because his blood pressure is maintaining a good level; however, they will continue to monitor him closely. I am not worrying about any of this, so neither should you all.... ok?!)

Also, Doctor D did not get in to see us this afternoon like he said he would. I can't imagine how busy these guys are. You should've seen the line-up of patients today waiting for procedures. And I overheard them putting many off until tomorrow and even saying "ok, he's not an emergency so he can wait a day or two". They were just swamped down there.

Jon, Jake, & Jared brought supper tonight. We ate in the sunroom, which I guess at 9pm at night would technically be called the moonroom, and then I let Jake and Jared come back to the room by themselves to spend some time with their brother before Jon and I spent time with him. Blake apparently had to "relieve himself" and asked Jared to hand him the plastic urinal. Jared made a face and wouldn't touch it. hahahaha Blake said, "I thought Jared would most likely be the one to help me in my time of need, but obviously NOT!" ahhahahahaa. I laughed. For crying out loud, I remember Jared having a fit in the car one time when we had to pick up some bottles for stool samples for Blake. He was all grossed out. I said, "Oh Jarey, for goodness sakes, they're clean bottles! They haven't even been used yet!!!" Jarey didn't care. He wasn't gonna touch them. (They were even in plastic bags!!! Crazy kid. Can't see HIM getting into doctoring or nursing).

Well, I think I'm gonna close. I know there were more things I wanted to tell you, but they've left my tired mind now. I stayed up too late last night, so tonight I'm gonna watch some news then hit the hay.

Thanks to Pastor Paul & Sally & girls for my Tim Horton's French Vanilla treat and the box of muffins. Blake has already claimed two of the muffins for himself, but has to wait until he can have solids. He was afraid Jon would eat them. Don't worry, Blake, Dad and the boys will be too full for muffins once they get to Carol's apple pie! hahaha.

Specific prayer requests would be that Blake would have more energy tomorrow; that the blood in the intestines would stop; that the Doctors have wisdom in treating Blake; and that Blake's heavy sad feeling would be lifted..... he's quite upset about the diagnosis and how it now affects his future. Pray that he seeks God throughout this trial, that he is nourished with fresh springs of water and green grass as he passes through this valley.

Thanks everybody. G'night.

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Sophia said...

We're praying for him Michelle. Even Andrew and Georgie have been praying for "big boy Blake who is at the hospital with a sore tummy"... :)
Thank you for updating and keeping us up to date.