Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/10/04

Wannett here again, typing for Michelle.... when is Secretary's Day??!!

We're (Michelle & Blake) still at Kingston General Hospital. Blake had a CT scan done yesterday, along with OODLES of bloodwork. This bloodwork will be shipped to Ottawa. Hopefully, through the extensive bloodtests, the results will give the Doctors a lead as to which direction to go.

Doctor F was just in to visit and reported that the CT scan report showed good results. This has her stumped because with the amount of blood he has been passing, one would think that the CT scan would have shown some ulcers or some type of inflammation. She commented that the report may not be showing ulcers and inflammation because perhaps the Prednisone that Blake has been taking since September 14 has helped to clear up the intestines.

We're hoping the colonoscopy can be done Monday and that it will give some answers, along with the bloodwork that has been shipped to Ottawa.

Visitors are restricted because of a quarantine placed on Floors 6 & 7. Although we know many people would like to visit, Blake knows you are thinking about him and praying for him. Hopefully, in time, you will all be able to see him personally, feeling better and rippin' some tunes off on the fiddle.

Hoping we will have access to computer here at the hospital which will make things easier. I will post again as more information becomes available.

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