Sunday, October 18, 2009

Runnin' on Fumes

With all the running around I've done today, it's no WONDER that the day is almost gone!!!

I love our little town of Picton, but honestly..... did I really have to travel up and down Main Street so many times today?

We live south of Picton, about a 10-to-15-minute drive to get to town. So this morning Blake and I head to Church & Sunday School. Church is on the east end of town. Blake is going home with my Mom today, so I leave church on my own and race home to pick up Jared, who needs to go to a friend's house to work on a school project before his hockey practice. Matthew, one of my "adopted sons", is needing a ride to town for hockey, so he's going to go with Jared while Jared & his friend work on the project.

So I pick up Jared and head even further south-east to pick up Matthew. We head back to the east end of Picton. I drop them off at the friend's house. Jared needs his skates sharpened, so I told him I'd do that for him then drop the skates back off at the friend's house.

I travel to the center of Picton to get the skates sharpened. They're closed. (Shall I just mention that I meet my sister, my niece, my Mom, and my son on Main Street..... they're getting take-out Chinese Food! Hmmmph! Should've hitched a ride with THEM today!)

Anyways, I travel back to the east end of Picton to get the skates sharpened at store #2. They're closed!

I travel all the way back down Main Street to the west side of Picton, it's actually the outskirts of Picton, to store #3 to get the skates sharpened. They're open. While the skates are getting sharpened, I'm thinkin' I should stop at the grocery store next door (No Frills) to get stuff for supper and also get the car filled up with gas since the car is running on fumes (or as my Dad always said, "running on E for Economy").

Because my brain is pretty much mush right now, would you surprised if I told you that I paid for the skate sharpening, jumped in the car, and headed back to Picton without thinking of the grocery store OR the gas!? Duhhhhhhh......

So now I'm in the center of town headed to Jared's friend's house to drop off Jared's skates to him and I'm realizing that I stupidly forgot the grocery store and gas. Oh well, I'll go to the OTHER gas station at the east end of town, where I'm dropping off the skates, and I'll stop at the OTHER grocery store on the way back home.

I drop off the skates at the east end and I head back down Main Street. I stop at Sobey's, which is near the center of town, to pick up something for supper. Before heading in, I stop off at the drug store to get some meds ordered for Blake. I go to Sobey's, get the groceries for supper. They don't have one item I need, so I figure I'll stop by at Metro on my way home, which is about a block away.

As I return to the car, I realize I didn't get gas when I was at the east end of town. So I figure, I'm in the center of town now, I'll head to the east end gas station which is closer. Baaaack down the streets again. I finally fill up the car with gasoline.

Now I head baaack down Main Street towards the west end and remember that I need to stop at Metro for that last item. Mission accomplished. Gee, can I go home now?

As I'm driving south towards home, I'm looking at the clock realizing that I'll have just enough time to go home, change from my church clothes into some comfy jeans, put away the groceries, do a quick blog (yah right... a QUICK blog... haha!), and head BAAAACK into town, to the east end, for Jared and Matthew's hockey practice.

Aaaaand, I'm doing all this while battling a migraine today, so I'm not thinking straight anyways! And the adrenaline from the last two years two weeks is wearing off and I am indeed crashing fast! I feel like I'm exhausted, drained, confused, anxious, pooped, deflated, and just plain ol' good-fer-nuthin'. I probably shouldn't even be operating a car!

[Insert about a 6-minute time gap here....]

I just had to run Jon up to the garage, which is about 3km north-west from here. I feel like I've done nothing today but burn gasoline!

I'm trying to think if I've even eaten today... (shhh, don't tell my Mom!).

OK, going to change my clothes, going to get something to eat, going to get groceries put away, then going to the east end of town for Jebby & Matt's hockey practice.

Calgon......take me awaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

And if THIS post doesn't put you folks to sleep, I don't know what will!!!!! All I can say is, you probably should get a life! hahahaha.

Oh, one last thing to tell you.... you might get a chuckle out of it.

In my family lately, we're always teasing one another about how "it's not all about YOU". Well, this morning my sister, Wannett, was a guest at our church to tell of her recent experience in Africa. Before church started, as Blake walked into church and took his seat, the congregation started to applaud him, as a "welcome back, Blake". So Fraser, one of Wannett's children, turns around, rolls his eyes, and says in a very sarcastic voice, "Oh, it's allllll about BLAKE!......." hahahaha. I thought that was so funny. Sorry, guess it's not so funny when you read it. It was one of those "had-to-be-there" moments, I suppose. But it really was priceless.

OK, I'm really done boring you folks now. I promise I won't type any more posts when I'm experiencing a migraine. :O)

Now will all of you please go find something more interesting to do?... like watch paint dry?.... or watch the kettle boil?


VictoriaD said...

HAHA! believe me this was more interesting than my day! I am soooo sick of homeschooling and not knowing what to do anymore with it. Now note, I said sick of homeschooling and MY lack of brain power, not sick of my kids and not sick of homeschooling them. Just sick of feeling spread too thin and not having enough left over for them. I so wish we could have been at church yesterday to see Blake...we've missed his smiling mug. Hope your day is going better. BTW, the teens are having the 2nd annual 'non-halloween' party again this year and I'd really like to see ALL the boys there again this year :) and mama of course if she has the energy :)

Lynda Westervelt said...

i guess i don't have much of a life, because i enjoyed your blog very much.....chuckled all the way through and remembered my hockey mom days with 3 boys and believe me....i've had the very same days... and i didn't have the weeks prior that you've had...... i heard from jacob that blake has gained a fair amount of weight...awesome..... wish i could give him a pile of mine.....that would make him overweight though ;-) anyway, glad things are going well......keep us posted......later, lynda