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Blake's Health Update 2009/10/04 #2

WARNING.... too much time on my hands in here [the hospital] I guess. This is a long post!

Hi everyone, it's me... Michelle.
We are thrilled that the hospital gives patients internet access!!! So, the boys brought Blake's laptop here and now I can update the blog and Blake can talk to his Brazilian sweetheart by Skype. Thank you, powers-that-be at Kingston General!

[long pause.......]

Sorry, just as I started this post, Blake needed my full attention for quite a while. He just had a double dose of THIS stuff:

It's the laxative you take before a colonoscopy!

And let me tell ya..... this Pico-Salax is NAAAAASTY!!!! I've never seen Blake break out in such a sweat from the pain it's causing!

He's back in bed now and resting. They've given him some pain killers and we just asked for a bit more and then discovered the line is leaking, so now we're not sure just how much morphine he's received. But the nurse said that we'll give him some more in half an hour if he needs it. However, he's snoozin' away now.... thankfully.

Today he's still been passing blood. And after taking that Pico-Salax, he emptied over 600mL in the bucket and it was all blood. (Sorry to be so descriptive for those of you with weak knees.)

As my trusty secretary, Wannett, told you in the earlier post, the CT Scan came back showing nothing unusual. This, in itself, is unusual because you would think with all that's going on, SOMETHING would've come to light in the Scan. Oh well. Maybe the colonoscopy will show more. This should be taking place Monday morning.

Doctor D is our specialist and is one of the head haunchos in this area. He went to school with our Picton doctor, Doctor C. Doctor C could not brag him up enough. She recalled one case when they were in their fourth year. She said NO one could come up with a diagnosis, and Doctor D was able to figure it out. She said, "He's a needle-in-the-haystack kind of doctor... he loves the challenge." Doctor F confirmed this today. She told us that Doctor D loves cases like Blake, where things are like a puzzle and he has to sort them out.


Blake's hemoglobin is something that they are watching. It should likely be around 125 or so. It was 113 when we were discharged from Picton on Sept 21st. When we arrived by ambulance at Picton early Friday morning, it was 110. On Saturday, here in Kingston, it was 85; and Sunday (today) it was 79. The reason for numbers 85 and 79 are likely because of the amount of blood loss early Friday morning (which caused him to faint) and then they withdrew a mega-amount of blood Saturday. So, we'll keep an eye on the hemoglobin on Monday. If it comes up a bit, we're good. If it lowers, we are looking at giving him a blood transfusion.

I also want to give a few more details on "the big scare" at our home the other night at 3am. There are already stories going around The County that are not accurate about Blake's health. (In fact, one story was that JACOB has CANCER and there's nothing that can be done for him! HUH??? First of all, WRONG KID! Secondly, cancer has NEVER been mentioned. So please, be mindful of rumours, folks.) For accurate information, this blog will be considered accurate up to 99%, allowing for any information that's given to me that I maybe misunderstood. Also, my sisters and Mom should likely have accurate and up-to-date information. If something sounds "fishy" that you hear from someone else, please be careful before spreading that information until you know it's accurate. Thanks.

OK, back on track. Friday, October 2nd, 3:00am. I hear Blake vomiting in the bathroom. I went in to help him and he was very weak, and had lost a lot of blood. Jon gets up with me. After Blake finishes, I indicate to him that I need to use the "facilities" myself, and we move him to a chair a few feet from the toilet. Jon says, "I think we'd better run him to the hospital". Blake says, "Yes, let's go to the hospital". I start to wash my hands at the sink and I hear Blake say, "Mom? I can't see you......" I walked over to him and his eyes were fully dilated.... two big black saucers is what they looked like. His face and lips were completely grey.

I lightly slapped both cheeks are started yelling his name. He was not responding. His eyes looked right through me, his mouth hanging open. He was simply "not there". I heard Jon let out a fearful cry, and as I hollered for him to call 9-1-1, he was, at the same time, yelling that he would call 9-1-1. At that point I heard Jake and Jared both run towards the hallway. I continued to call Blake's name, and I realized at that point that God was going to have to intervene through the 9-1-1 operator, because I knew something was desperately wrong.

I scooped Blake up as best I could and started dragging him to the kitchen, knowing the kitchen would provide more room for the ambulance attendants to work on him. Apparently Jacob met me in the hallway and helped to drag him to the kitchen. I do not recall this. We laid him flat and I recall hearing Jon basically losing control on the phone. He then left the kitchen to go outside the door to speak to the 9-1-1 operator.

I watched Blake's face and recall finally seeing his eye move a bit, and then I noticed him take a breath. Jon came in the house at that point and I took the phone from him. The 9-1-1 operator assured me the ambulance was on it's way. He stayed on the line with me as I confirmed that Blake was breathing and was conscious and was aware of his surroundings. He directed us to lay Blake on his side so he wouldn't choke if he vomited. Blake's colour slowly started to turn back to "flesh colour" rather than that frightening grey!

Apparently, Jacob said he administered chest compressions to Blake. He said he felt for a pulse, didn't feel one, and started compressions. Blake recalls this feeling of someone working on his chest. I can't believe I was right there and didn't see that. I don't know how I could miss it. I guess I was concentrating on his eyes and breathing and then concentrating on my conversation with the 9-1-1 operator to ensure I was giving him accurate information about what had happened and what he wanted me to do. When he realized Blake was now breathing and assured me that the ambulance was on it's way, he indicated that I could hang up.

Jon grabbed a flashlight and headed to the road to help flag down the ambulance. We saw the lights coming from the Milford direction, which seemed odd, but not really surprising when you're in the south end of the County. Turns out it was NOT the ambulance, but our own community's Volunteer Fire & Rescue Unit.

Here is where I want to say a HUUUUUUUUUUGE thank you to all you Milford boys.


I cannot tell you guys how much I appreciate your assistance that morning. I know you'll say, "Ah, we didn't do anything", but just BEING THERE was really reassuring during those frightening moments. I'm glad we gave you the chance to "try out" that new oxygen-level-thingy, and I'm thankful that we were able to get some oxygen on Blake until the paramedics arrived. I am grateful for our South Marysburgh Volunteer Fire Department; I am thankful for your unselfishness in helping others; and I am thankful for the friendship that I share with most of you guys. So just in case you haven't been told lately..... YOU'RE GREEEEEEAT!!!!!!

At that point, the ambulance arrived. It had to come from TRENTON! If the operator had have told me THAT bit of information, we'd have put him in the car and driven him ourselves. However, all worked out well. Our attendants, Rhonda and Gary (question mark on the name Gary.... but we're pretty sure that was his name), were very kind and gentle with our boy. They hooked him up to a machine with a bunch of 'cables' to check heart rate, etc. Then we loaded him up on the stretcher and loaded him into the ambulance. I rode in the front of the ambulance with Gary (I let HIM drive.... hahha) and Rhonda accompanied Blake in the back.

We arrived at Picton Emerg. where the terrific nurses immediately attended to Blake. Doctor C was on call (not OUR Doctor C, but another Doctor C. This doctor is pretty cool because we discovered that he's a fiddle player himself.... East-Coast style! Wahooo.

After checking Blake out, he mentioned perhaps a blood tranfusion might be headed our way, but in the meantime, they'd be admitting him. So up we go to Room 215 and, bless those nurses hearts, they gave him a private room. I love those girls!

Our own Doctor C is on holidays this week; however, she took the time to come in and see what was up with Blakey. After a few phone calls, she announced that Blake would be taking another trip in an ambulance to Kingston where he would receive super care from Doctor D.

And I guess, folks, you know the rest of the story from there through Wannett's updates.

It's now well after 12am and I started this post at 10:23pm! Blake has just had another attack of pain. The nurses had given him some pain killer, but she just gave him some more based on the fact that the attachment to the line is leaking. He just now has settled back down and is sleeping again.

And I think that's what I had better do as well. I'm sleepy now and need to rest. I am hoping to have a shower tomorrow..... they must have something set up SOMEWHERE in this hospital for family to shower. If I start stinkin' bad enough, they'll find me SOMETHING! hahaha.

I am very thankful for the fact that we have wonderful hospitals here. I do not take that for granted. The doctors are great, too. I feel very fortunate that Blake is under their care. And I can't say enough about these very busy nurses. MaryJean and Amy have been our primary nurses and they're GREAT!

We are truly humbled by all of your overwhelming kindness and love that you are extending to Blake and to our family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I will update Monday after the colonoscopy, if the doctors give me any news. Until then, God bless.
PS - Forgot to mention about the quarantine. Apparently there was a Scabies breakout last week. All patients and nurses on the floor were treated. They have now closed off the 7th Floor as well! [sigh!] So far we're ok! Didn't want you travel down here and then get turned away!
OK, NOW I'm going to sleep.

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Janna said...

Thank you, Jesus, for carrying the family through such a scary time. Thank you for giving Jacob such clarity and peace of mind to help his brother! Thank you for the love and support of community and family. Continue to give Michelle, Jon and all the boys strength and peace as they wait to hear more and please give the doctors and nurses wisdom and insight as they assist Blake and try to figure out what can be done to help. Use everything that is going on for you glory. Amen.