Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Birds

Tonight I received a phone call from Jon.

He said, "Well.... I think I know now how you feel when you lose your baby."

My first thought was that he was referring to our loss of our two babies who are now in Heaven.

My second thought was..... Oh no. Jon's "baby" is his truck! He's lost his baby. He's had a bad accident and has totalled his "baby".

My stomach did this flip-flop thing and I slowly eased myself into a chair for fear of fainting! I could hear him talking on the other end of the phone, but couldn't make out what he was saying. I interrupted him and said, "JON! ARE YOU OK????"

He replied that he was alright, and I asked if he had been in an accident with the truck.

He confirmed he was NOT, in fact, talking about his truck, but that he was missing his little Jacob.

His voice spoke volumes to me as he tried to hold it together. He was disappointed and upset that he'd be returning home this evening in just a few hours without his "Jake", my "Jaybo", there to welcome him home.

For eighteen years, Jake has always been the one asking:

"Does Dad come home tonight?"
"Where is Dad travelling today?"
"What time will Dad be home?"
"Is Dad working on the truck today?"
"How long is Dad home for?"
"Can I go with Dad on the next trip?"

Jake was always the one at the door to greet his Daddy (well, right behind the dogs!).

And tonight, it hit Jon that it won't be happening that way any more.

Jake headed to the big city on Tuesday afternoon to start a new job.... a new life... a new place to live....

.....without his Daddy.

And someone is having a hard time with that.

Isn't it supposed to be ME? Is Momma not the one that has the big cry because her middle child, her third babe to come from her womb, her great big 6'1" tanned muscle-toned baby has left the nest?.... has flown the coop?.... has gone to spread his wings?

But instead, it's Daddy that's broken hearted.

It's Daddy that's lost.

It's Daddy who's feeling the empty-nest syndrome.

And it's Daddy who just couldn't hold it together any longer.

So the two of us blatted away together.... all the while with me reassuring him that Jake is only a few hours drive away, and that he's living with Jon's best friend from high school, and that Jake will be OK.

And that JON will be OK.

And that likely I, Jake's Mommy, will be OK.

Jake at soccer finals with his "Playoffs-Mullet"

Jake accepting a Mini-Pumpkin-Tarts dare

Jake-in-the-box..... his second home!

My little rough and tough all-mouth hockey player

Jake's "cowtail" ponytail

Soccer pro Jake with "farm-brother" Scott

Jake and his cousin Beulah Celia

Jake, Jared, & Blake relaxing in the leaves - Oct 2008

Blake, Jared, & Jacob - August 2004

Photo by Peggy DeWitt
Jared, Blake, & Jacob - August 2004

Blake, Jacob, & Jared after Blake's highschool graduation
June 2008




Our baby bird is all grown up....





But don't cry, Daddy......




.....he'll always be your baby bird.

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