Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Plan G...? Wait! I Forget What Letter We're On

Plan A turns to Plan B, which turns to Plan C..... and so on.

I've lost track of what letter we're on. haha.

Today's plan, no matter WHICH letter we're on, is that we are going home!

Blake's health continues to improve, gaining a smidget of strength each day, abdominal pains at bay, gaining a pound here and there. He's up to 107 today! On Sunday he was 104. Must mean the Remicade is doing it's job and his intestines are able to keep some nutrients in his body. Thank You, Lord.

He's just shaving a few little whiskers off his face now and brushing his teeth. Then I'm gonna steal the bathroom and have a shower; then once the Doc comes in for a final evaluation, we'll toss him in the shower, have lunch, then head home to Metropolitan Cherry Valley/Milford area.

We will come back to the clinic on Friday and hopefully have some good news from our Giovani-suited government official as far as paperwork is concerned. We need these future doses of Remicade, and pray that the circus acts of jumping through hoops to please them is finally over.

It will be hard to say goodbye to the great team of nurses here on Davies 3 at KGH. They might specialize in Cardiology, but they sure have looked after us just as wonderfully as the Gastroenterology team. We have been blessed by their care.

I am so glad my new friend Romney is working today. She was not assigned to us today, but she is working on the floor, and I'm glad we'll be able to give a personal goodbye to her and to thank her for all her information that she shared about her own experiences with Crohn's Disease. I appreciate it when the Lord brings people into our lives that lift us up in our struggles. I am looking forward to an on-going relationship with her.

OK, it's after 10am already and I must get in gear. I am hoping the next post will be from home! And tonight is Jake's Grade 12 Graduation. We are so proud of him. I must remember to take the cowbell and any other noise-maker I can find.

When Blake graduated in 2008, the Principal announced, "Please hold your applause until the last of the diplomas are handed out".

"YAH, RIGHT!", I thought.

So when they announced Blake's name, we all screamed and shouted and rang that ol' cowbell. Even the students cheered for Blake. It was great.

So, it's only fair that I totally embarrass Jacob in the same manner. I'm sure he'll be expecting it. He knows his Momma does it because she loves him. (hahah... I embarrass him because I love him.... that's make a lot o' sense, eh?) And his Momma thinks he's one of the greatest three boys in the whole wide world.

Best wishes to all the Graduates of PECI 2010!

(Dr. Hooky just came in.... we're outta here in an hour!)

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Victoria said...

Hey Lady,

Glad to hear you're all home. What a ride this has beenfor you :( I was at a friend of Amy's last night meeting his parents and his mother mentioned that a co-worker has Crohns. Apparently this person used to be on Remicade but it doesn't work for her anymore. Anyhow, she found a Crohn's organization that was going to pay for her Remicade treatments because Trillium wasn't covering all of it. Tammy is going to get me the name of this organization to pass on to you just in case you need it.

Give Blake our love and tell him that we look forward to seeing him. Hopefully he'll be up to coming out to W/A for the service/potluck and baptism.