Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/06/13

Within the hour Blake and I are heading into Picton Emerg.

He's feeling not so bad right now, but he's been having bouts of stomach pain, which means the ulcers in his intestines are likely flaring up again.

Then today he started passing some blood again in his stools, so THAT means we take a trip to Picton Emerg. This is a good thing because it might speed up the whole process of getting admitted to Kingston General so we can GET THAT REMICADE INTO HIS SKELETAL BODY!

We decided to wait until this evening to go to hospital because it won't be as busy. He's just having a piece of toast right now and then we're heading in.

There's no internet at Picton's hospital, so we will update as soon as we can.

Excited that the ball is now rolling!!! What a roller coaster ride we're on.


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