Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/06/06

It's now after 2am. I took Blake into Picton's Emerg where we were greeted by Nurse Jane in Triage. We chuckled when we saw her, and she chuckled at us. You see, Nurse Jane has been on duty the last three times we've gone to Emerg. I think she lives in the Emergency Department. I think she does such a good job, they won't let her ever go home. haha. She said, "Well, why don't I just give you my schedule!" It was funny. (I know, had to be there....)

They immediately took us right to Room 2 with nice warm fleece blankets waiting. Doctor Christie came and chatted with him. She said they were going to get some fluids in him and give him something called Ondansetron, also known by brand-name Zofran, to help with the nausea. Apparently Gravol, also used to help offset nausea, which Blake has been taking non-stop for days now, keeps you quite sedated; Ondansetron works against nausea without making you drowsy.

So Blake was given two bags of IV fluids along with the Ondansetron which was administered via IV. Nurse Mary did the nasty duty of finding Blake's vein. I think Blake's veins were a bit on the tiny side because she had to do some digging and it hurt Blake. He said later that it was the worst IV he's had to date.

Blake seemed to settle as the IV fluids and med were being pumped into him. He slept most of the time. Just before we left, he had some pain so they gave him Tramacet. He went to the bathroom and then started feeling nauseated again. Nurse Jane gave me some Ondansetron to bring home in case he was nauseated through the night. Dr. Hayward-Stewart gave me a prescription for it, and I will fill it at the pharmacy on Sunday (which I guess is technically today.... still feels like Saturday night to me).

I gave him another Ondansetron when we got home. He's in bed now, hopefully resting well. I'm headed to bed myself, and I can barely finish typing this; but I know that many of you want to know the latest scoop. I will let you know later Sunday how he's feeling.

The one thing I keep thinking is.... maybe Dr. Depew will be able to count this visit to Emerg as a failure to the Methotrexate and we can move back to the Remicade. If this is the Lord's will, I pray that everything falls into place as far as the government is concerned.

I will update again later, but must get to bed now. Body.shutting.down. Hopefully I will get a chance to see my nephew Bruce in his Triathalon in Picton on Sunday morning. His Mom is bursting at the seams with pride. She's been crying before the race has even started! hahaa. Hormones, I think. Anyways, good luck, Bruce #78!!!!

G'night folks........

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