Monday, June 14, 2010

The Fish Principle

Please find a time today when you can sneak away by yourself, when all is quiet and the dust has settled.

If your radio or television is on, shut it off.

Go to your computer and be sure your volume is turned up.

There is a blog I follow that is one of my two favourites. It's called A Holy Experience and it's author is Ann Voskamp.

It's a place where I can retreat; and when I read her words and listen to her choice of music, I am taken to a distant place where I am so absorbed in her words and The Word.

Photo by Michelle - Pt. Petre, Lake Ontario - July 2008

On Mondays, she emphasizes gratitude. I started my own Gratitude Journal Blog, Thine Own Dear Presence, but have been very tardy in keeping it up to date. Today's post gives me that boost again to persevere in it's updating.

Please just take a few moments and read today's post called, "when you feel rejected: The Fish Principle". It's a little lengthy, however, I just know......

......You will be blessed.

Thank you, Ann. You are such a blessing, and you are on my gratitude list!

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