Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/06/15 (7:25pm)

Greetings from Kingston General Hospital's Emergency Department!!!!


Nurse Cheryl, one of Blake's & my favourite nurses, came in our room in Picton to say that Dr. Depew had requested Blake be transferred to Kingston Emergency and wait for a bed there. Cheryl said the ambulance would be coming to transfer us. I figured we'd have a bit of a wait ahead of us, but nay-nay.... the ambulance was jiffy-quick! Apparently they were having a quiet day.

I joined Chris in the front, as he drove the "bus", and Blake bunkered down in the back of the ambulance on the stretcher, all jacked-up on morphine. Todd carefully watched over him, periodically taking his vitals, and it sounded like they chatted up a storm back there.

I had put my car keys under the mat in the car at Picton Hospital's parking lot and had locked the car up safe and sound. I figured Jake could give Jon a ride into town and get the car so Jon has something to drive over the next couple of days. We have one of those keyless entry pads with the numbers over the door handle, so I figured I'd just quote the number to Jake or Jon over the phone so they could gain access to the car.

Guess what?

I forgot the number.

Normally I instinctively press the five digits without paying attention to what the numbers are. But when I had to THINK of the sequence, my mind went blank. All I could think of was the last four numbers of Jake's cell phone and I knew that wasn't even close to the correct number.

Just as we walked in the door of the Emergency Department here in Kingston, my cell phone rang. Jake needed the number as they were at the car and ready to take it home. I gave him a five digit number.

It was wrong.

I gave him another number.

It was still wrong.

I told him he'd have to give me a minute to think about it. I ended up walking over to the entrance door, afraid that I was going to get yelled at for having my phone on in the Emerg. Dept.

So I called Jake back and said, "OK, give this number a try."

He did.

It worked.


Brain freeze.

OK, back to Blake.... since "it's alllll about Blaaaake!!!!!" [grin] (family humour)

He is resting very comfortably, now that there's some morphine in his body. The pain killer is certainly effective, and he's not experiencing that severe abdominal pain.

The porter just came in to take him for a CT Scan, to make sure there's nothing wonky going on in the intestine (blockages, etc.), but the doc is pretty sure that the results will come back with no surprises.

The clerk just came in to discuss coverages as far as private, semi-private, or ward; so I am just assuming things are rolling on a bed! Wonder if he'll end up with another roommate named "Ron"???? haha. Wouldn't that be hilarious?

Well not hilarious, but ..... funny.

Well not funny, but ..... strange.......

You know what I'm sayin'.

[Shut up, Michelle]


I will update again when I can. Sometimes it's hard to get the computer away from Blake, yet he tells ME that "I" am the one that's addicted. He says, "You don't have to give everyone an update right away!"

Ummmm, yes, Blake, I do!

..... because "it's allllll about Blaaaaake!!!!" ....... [wink, wink]

Battery's getting low on computer. Will update again soon.

(Hoping Brazil won the soccer game! I'll check the score once I get more juice in the computer!)


Lynda Westervelt said...

Blake, praying that you can have a treatment very very very soon. We need you out here in the world, not in there in the hospital, but that's my take on it.... God's is obviously different than mine.... take His lead and hang in there.... talk to Him often.... even when you get angry about your whole situation..... and listen, listen closely for that little whisper, that only you can hear because it's only meant for you.... isn't that cool.... He has something to say to each and everyone of us..... our own special words from God....how cool is that..... lots of hugs, later, lynda

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are Kingston Blake, I am praying that the remicade will be administered soon and that it has the expected result. Your faith and trust in our Lord in inspiring and I thank God for you. Brenda