Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/06/16

Update 2:06pm -
Blake also has an infection called C-Diff. It's something you can get from being in the hospital, and it causes diahrea. Dr. Fowler just came in, she works with Dr. Depew, and she said they will give him some antibiotics to help get rid of this 'bug'. She said they will still be giving him Remicade, but it will be a couple of days on the antibiotics before they treat with Remicade for the simple fact that Remicade lowers your immune system. They will also be giving him Heparin, which will help to keep blood clots from forming because he is not up and walking about. Because of the C-Diff, I now have to gown up and glove up, and Blake is not allowed to leave his cubicle. He gets his own private potty now! :o)

So things are still moving along to the point where we will be getting the Remicade... it's just moving at a tiny bit slower pace.

Upward and onward!!!!!!!

Original Post -

A nice hot cup of Red Rose tea and two pieces of brown toast smothered in strawberrry jam...... Mmmmmmmm.

That was MY breakfast! Of course it wasn't on this very pretty dish set; but it still tasted great.

Last night Nurse Marg showed me where to make tea and get some snacks if I was hungry. So this morning I have taken advantage of that. I didn't eat anything yesterday other than a couple of bananas, a couple of granola bars, and some soda biscuits. I didn't realize I hadn't eaten an actual meal until we were already here in Kingston Emerg. Then it was too late to order in Chinese Food. [grin]

As we were coming into Kingston on the 401 in the ambulance, the traffic started getting backed up long before our Sir John A. MacDonald exit, so Chris (the ambulance driver) turned off on Sydenham, thinking it would be quicker. Well, traffic was absolutely nuts, being late afternoon, so we basically crept along Sydenham Road to Princess Street. At the intersection, there's a Tim Horton's and I joked with Chris about running in to get us all a Timmie's coffee and a snack because we certainly had time with all the traffic! (I could kill for a French Vanilla right about now!)

Then I questioned him about what they do if they stop somewhere to order a meal and then get an emergency call. He just grinned and said that they have to leave their order. He said they usually try to carry some snacks in the ambulance with them because there are some days they don't get lunch until around 4pm. Not a good thing, I suppose, if you're someone who has trouble with blood sugar levels. I'm sure they appreciate these places that are open 24 hours!

Well, I guess you'd like an update on our boy.

Blake had a restful night here in the Emergency Department. We have not got a room yet and have no idea when we'll get one. They must be awfully honkin' busy up there. He just left for a CT Scan. In last night's post I indicated he'd gone for a CT Scan; however, it ended up being just a regular abdominal X-ray, not a CT Scan. They just want to make sure there are no obstructions in the bowel, etc.

He is still taking Morphine for pain and still on Zofran (Ondansetron) for nausea. They are also giving him Stemetil (Prochlorperazine) for nausea. Not sure why they're giving him two nausea meds. Nurse Marg double checked this last night, and yes, the doctor wanted him to have both. I don't think they're giving them both at the same time; but rather giving one of them and then a few hours later giving him the other.

Last night Nurse Marg brought me a bed so I could sleep in here next to Blake rather than be propped up in a chair all night. I was very grateful. The bed, laden with not one but THREE flannel sheets, was absolutely heavenly. Nurse Marg said, "I will have to get you up at 6:45am because shift change is at 7am and I don't want to upset the next shift." I said, "That's not a problem at all; I appreciate your kindness." She then took me to a kitchenette to show me where to make a cup of tea and some toast and where to get a sandwich.

This morning at 7am, she had not yet come to wake me up. Blake called my name and said he needed help getting to the bathroom. Off we went. There was a knock on the door....... "Mrs. Found? Just letting you know I've just taken your bed away, OK?" (It was Nurse Marg). "OK!", I hollered, "Thank you for your kindness!"

When we returned to our cubicle we were visited by our next nurse, Derek, a handsome gentleman. He was extremely kind as well and said, "I didn't mind if that bed stayed here. You could have slept all day!" OK, I immediately like Nurse Derek. I laughed and jokingly ordered, "Well then, bring the bed back in!" He grinned, looking around for my bed that had already been taken away......

He's been very kind to us in here and has a great personality. There's nothing that helps in these situations more than a great bedside manner, and we have definitely been blessed by having Nurse Marg and Nurse Derek.

Here's the ironic thing..... When we were up on Connell 9 Wing last October, there was one afternoon or early evening that a whole team of young pretty nursing students were assigned to the floor to assist any patients that needed help. Well, we were in a room where the other gentlemen were all over 70. Who's bed do you think the young ladies attended???? Yup. They were all giggling and tee-hee-ing at the foot of Blake's bed. To me, they looked more like they were fourteen-year-old girls. They were very cute and we ended up "receiving assistance" from Samantha. (The poor girl.... all she wanted to do was to help Blake, but at that point, Blake was feeling better and didn't need a thing).

Well Blake was telling his girlfriend, Anelyse, about all this. Anelyse lives in Brazil and they talked everyday through the computer on Skype. Blake was teasing her about all the pretty young nurses that were coming in to help him.

Last night, Blake was once again talking to Anelyse on the computer and made reference to looking forward to getting assistance from "the pretty young nurses". And HERE is the ironic part. Last night's shift was covered by Nurse Marg, an OLDER lady, likely in her late 50's, early 60's. Today's shift is covered by Nurse Derek, a DUDE, as Blake says. HAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAAAA. I think it's hilarious. Blake is expecting a sweet young thing and he gets a lady who could be his grandma and he gets a dude. hahaahahahaahahahahaahahhaaaaaaaa

I think it's funny.

So will Anelyse when I tell her.

Blake... well.... he doesn't find the humour in it.

HAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAA....... Life's funny, eh?

I'll keep you all posted with further details, but all is well at the moment.

And I'll DEFINITELY let you know details about our night nurse! HAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAA.

I can't stop grinning about it. ;o)

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Victoria said...

Oh Michelle, I love reading your blog even your updates on Blake can have me in stitches. Give that boy a hug for us and tell him that Amy has been really upset and worried about him. She's good at hiding it but sometimes she lets her guard down and Bam! there it is...tears an all. You take care and behave yourself...and get a pic of "you know who" !!!!! LOL Love you both!