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Blake's Health Update 2010/06/27

Hi folks!

We're still comin' at ya from here in Kingston General Hospital. It's getting late and I'm just ready to crawl into my bed my cot, but wanted to give you a brief update.

(hahaha.... have I EVER been brief? Not likely!)

As I type, I am listening to some music that's been downloaded on Blake's computer. I'm soooo enjoying Bill Gaither's "Gospel Bluegrass Homecoming".

Love Love Love bluegrass music. Ralph Stanley & friends just finished singing "Gloryland" acapella (LOVE IT!), and now Rhonda Vincent is serenading me with "When The Angels Sing", which just happens to be an amazing song, and I know one of my friends, Amy R., will attest to that!

So here's what's up with "it's-all-about-me" Blake. (Just kidding folks... private family joke.)

He's certainly improved over the last couple of days. No I.V.'s or Sub-Q sets in his arms. No morphine (for pain). No Flagyl (one of the antibiotics). No Stemetil or Ondansetron (for nausea) today, although he did just get a Gravol a little while ago. He has led me to believe that his nausea comes and goes; however, he told me tonight that it's a constant slight nausea. (Oh for goodness sake, child! Make up your mind!)

He's still getting the Vancomycin antibiotic (re C-Diff infection) and Heparin (so he doesn't get a blood clot because of being bed-ridden for so long). He's also getting 30mg of Prednisone daily along with a dose of Pantaloc, which helps with stomach acid and acid reflux.

Bowels are improving (meaning less frequent and less diahrea, more firm). He is supposed to be up and walking around a bit more, but so far only makes it back and forth to the bathroom. And since he's not allowed to leave the isolated room, his walking distance is limited anyways. But he just feels a bit too weak to stand too long.

His arm was sore the other day where his I.V. site was, and so he asked if they could remove it from his arm, which they did. We noticed it was red and swollen and a bit hard. The nurse brought an ice pack and said she'd have a doctor take a look at it. Last night a resident doctor popped in to see it and mentioned that it could be just irritated by the I.V. needle, or that it could be cellulitis. Oh brother! I know EXACTLY what cellulitis is!

Jon has battled cellulitis many many times and it really knocks that man out! Literally! He is down for the count! Basically immobilized for a few days until the meds that they pump into him start to take effect, then a good two weeks before feeling completely normal. And Jon ALWAYS picks the worst time to get it. First time was when we were at Fiddle Camp in Orangeville. Another time we were at his nephew's wedding in California. Another time he was in his transport in the Northern U.S. States.... ALONE!!!!

It always starts in Jon's feet and spreads up his legs, heading to the groin. It is extremely important to get a handle on cellulitis before it reaches the lymph nodes. It is something that people have died from if left untreated. In fact, it is RELATED to the flesh-eating disease, which is what our friend Kevin battled a few years ago.





Things are getting back to me that "well someone said [this] and someone heard [that]"...... information that has NOT come from this blog, Facebook, my own mouth, nor my husband, children, parents, or sisters.

This is why I LIKE the blog and Facebook, so that you can all have accurate information, straight from the horse's mouth, if you will. [neigh.....] For those who like to "fill in the blanks with their own sugar-coated stories", PLEASE STOP.


Sorry. But it's frustrating when you hear things from people that you never said in the first place!

Anyways, this red mark on his arm..... I outlined it with a ball point pen, which is what they do with Jon on his leg when he gets cellulitis. I said to Blake, "If the red has passed the ink mark tomorrow, then it's spreading and is likely cellulitis. If it has not passed the line, or has shrunk back, then it's likely OK".

This morning and all day, there was no red at all. All the skin was the same colour, even inside the ink mark. I was pleased.

Now this evening, the redness has returned and is worse... spreading over part of his forearm. Nurse Suzette (she's the sweet Philipino lady, who I think secretly lives here because she's constantly on duty! haha) drew another line around the redness, and tomorrow we'll see if it has expanded across that line.

We'll get a doctor to take a look at it tomorrow. He's already on Vancomycin, which they said should assist in getting rid of the cellulitis; however I know in Jon's case, it took a lot of drugs to conquer it.

One of the good changes I've noticed over the past week is that his little face is as pink as a baby's bottom! haha. He's not as pale. And his complexion is better as well. I've been noticing that if he's experiencing a Crohn's flare-up, his acne is really bad. Now, the antibiotics that he's on currently are certainly contributing to a beautiful complexion, but I'll know now to keep an eye on the acne and then see if a flare-up follows soon after.

Also, they weighed him again today. Now, understand that all scales are different and likely "out" a few pounds.

Almost two weeks ago, he was weighed at Picton Hospital and was approx. 108 lbs. He was weighed here in Kingston a few days after we arrived and was 112.5 lbs on their scales. Today he was weighed and was only 104 lbs. Grrrrr. I'm not surprised though. Carley, my niece, was in today for a visit and said her weight is anywhere from 100 to 102 lbs. So I got a picture of Blake & Carley standing beside each other, since they basically weigh the same right now.

Wannett, my sister, & her tribe (Margaret Carley, Bruce, Fraser, & Beulah Celia) came to visit us tonight and bring a few more clean clothes (and a French Vanilla from Tim Horton's.... Oh thank you!!!!). When I walked down to the lobby with them as they were leaving, Bruce mentioned that he is 59 lbs. I said I should've got a picture of Carley & Bruce together beside Blake because if you add Carley & Bruce's weight together, you'll get what Blake SHOULD be! (160+ lbs.)

We'll fatten him up, don't worry.

Today, after Blake finished reading a book he borrowed from his "brother" Billy (Billy: finally!), we played some Mah-Jong and some Chess on the computer. Blake thought he'd whoop my butt because I don't have a clue on how to play Chess. But I did pretty darn good! I think I even shocked Blake! Yes, Blake beat me; but I sure gave him a run for his money.

Oh yah, one more thing I thought of that is good news. Dr. Paterson said the bloodwork from the other day showed that the inflammation levels have gone down! Wahooo! That is great news. Mr. Remicade is doing his job, I'd say. We'll know more as time passes. Please pray that our dear Ontario Government approves this batch of paperwork that has been sent off. They should approve it with no problems, but we never know what monkey wrench can be thrown into things. Gotta get things rolling for this second dose, and it all depends on which Giovani-suited-government representative's desk his file passes by. Please pray for a big ol APPROVED stamp!

In the meantime, we'll just take things day by day. (One day at a time, Tammie!)

Until then, keep your stick on the ice! :o)

What's that sound? It's my cot beckoning me. Good night, all!

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