Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/06/17 - Update 6:10pm

I am stuffed!!!!

I just had a lovely dish of lemon chicken with peppers and..... and.... some other junk..... I think it was tiny lima beans and those little baby corn-on-the-cob (what ARE those called anyways?)..... served on a bed of rice. It was a little on the spicy side (probably not spicy enough for YOU, Victoria! ha).

I also bought a couple of bags of chips (which really only contain a small handful of chips) and a Gingerale. I bought Blake a yogurt and a hunk of cheese because he is now allowed to eat! While I was having supper, we figured they'd bring him HIS supper, and I just got the yogurt & cheese for him in case he was still hungry. But no tray has shown up. We're gonna wait for the next shift of nurses to come in at 7pm before we ask for anything.

The current nurse is.... well..... I don't really have a suitable adjective for her. She's not really miserable.... she's just very.... persnickety (that's a word, isn't it?) and she's got a "don't-bother-me-I'm-very-busy-running-in-circles-and-don't-have-time-for-sick-people" attitude!

And I just wrote a whole paragraph about an incident today with Blake's Sub-Q site (his Subcutaneous site for injections in his arm), but after I re-read it, I sounded like a complainer and a whiner, so I've deleted it. Maybe she's just having a bad day. We have been fortunate to have some real sweetheart nurses in here, and I shouldn't let one "crotchety" one ruin my mood. I suppose I should be praying for her..... praying I don't wrap my hands around her throat!

Juuuust kiddinggggg! I wouldn't do that.

I'd actually trip her on the way out the door.

Ha! No, I wouldn't. At least not on purpose! [insert evil grin!]

Anyways, Dr. Hookey came in this afternoon to talk to Blake, and Dr. Fowler and Dr. Weymouth (sp?) joined him. The meat and potatoes of what they said is basically he can have some meat and potatoes! haha. He told them he is very hungry and they have agreed to let him have food as long as he's careful and not over-doing it. Originally Dr. Yu (sp?) didn't want Blake having food so he could give his bowels a well-needed rest.

Dr. Hookey said to continue with antibiotics over the weekend for the C-Diff infection, and they will order in a dose of Remicade to be administered on Monday IF everything stays good over the weekend. If things start getting wonky over the weekend, then they want to do a scope and determine from the looks of the bowel whether he is still infected with the C-Diff infection or whether he's just having a Crohn's flare-up.

So we are hoping and praying that we have a good weekend and that the Remicade will be a "GO" for Monday.

Dr. Hookey is a nice gentleman. Apparently he's a Newfie, so my brother-in-law Brent will be glad to hear that! AND Dr. Hookey even knows where Cherry Valley is!!! How cool is THAT!

Oh yah, back to the Sub-Q. Blake told Dr. Hookey that the Sub-Q was really bothering him, even after Nurse Persnickety had replaced it; so he asked if he could just get injections directly into the skin as opposed to the Sub-Q site. The Doctor said No Problem.

Blake has also been receiving 10mg of Morphine every six hours with break-throughs as needed (extra morphine in between regular morphine shots). I believe Blake's file also indicates that if he only needs 5mg, then that's ok. Well, I had gone to supper and when Nurse Persnickety came in to give Blake a dose of pain killer, Blake said she had this puny little amount in a needle. Blake said, "Is that 5mg?" She said, "Oh no! That'd be ten times more than you're allowed to have! This is ZERO POINT FIVE mg!" Blake tried to tell her what he's been getting, and then he figured he'd just wait until our night nurse, Bindu, comes on at 7pm. Bindu was on last night when we were brought up here from Emerg and she was extremely kind.

Anyways, when I had got back from my supper and Blake told me this "0.5mg" story, I looked up and down the halls for her but couldn't find her, and I haven't seen her in the last two hours. I frankly think that she likely didn't take her happy pill before she left home this morning. Honestly! If there's a question as to the medication, then call the flippin' doctor and get it straightened out! [sigh]

Sorry. I had to vent for a second. I think Blake is rather cheesed as well, and so he should be. It's not the error that I'm necessarily ticked at. It's the fact that she's been short with Blake all day. If you can't have patience with patients, then get the heck out of this job. Sick people need some kind and compassionate attention. They're not here by choice, for goodness sake.

He did get a tray of food brought in, but he didn't care for everything on the tray. He picked away at the meat and potatoes and ate a few peas and some bread, but that was it. Oh well, he shouldn't be overloading anyways.

So I think that brings you all up to our current happenings here in Metropolitan Kingston. I am thrilled that Mexico won today's soccer game against France. I am NOT thrilled that the tv technicians caught onto the fact that our tv was working and then shut it off! So much for free tv! We can watch some shows on the computer though. Likely we'll hit the hay early tonight; so it all works out in the wash.

Have a wonderful evening, everyone. (Hope you're winning your baseball game, Jared! Thanks for driving him, Jake! Enjoy the game, Jon!)

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