Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquakes and Heart Attacks

By now I'm sure most of you have heard the "rumblings" from folks regarding today's earthquake.

It measured 5.0 on the Richter Scale. It originated in Quebec and was 18km (11 miles) DEEP!

My Mom, sister Danielle, and niece Abby were visiting Blake and me in the hospital room. Mom, who was sitting next to Blake with her arm on the bed, asked Blake if he was shaking the bed. I, too, assumed he was shaking one of his feet causing the bed to move. I was sitting at the foot of the bed and looked at him. He had a look on his face that I interpreted as, "uhhhhh, nooooooo.... why is my bed moving......". Danielle said, "My chair is shaking". Then Blake noticed his tray next to his bed was shaking. I first thought 'earthquake', then I thought maybe the construction work going on somewhere in the hospital was affecting the foundation.

I went to the door and no one else seemed worried or panicky. Blake's nurse saw me, and I said, "Did you feel that?" She replied with a 'no'... looking at me strangely.... and I explained that our room was shaking. (She likely thought I had tapped into some of Blake's morphine). We brushed it off and then Mom & Dani & Abby started collecting their things to leave. I walked them down to the lobby. Apparently in the meantime, Maintenance Staff came running to the Nurses Station, asking if everyone was alright.... that there had, in fact, been an earthquake.

Nurses were calling and texting their cell phones trying to get in touch with their children to ensure their safety, but no calls were going through. I managed to text Jake & Jared, but neither responded. I was able to contact Jon; he said he didn't feel anything in Indiana, but had read on Facebook that a friend of ours had felt it in Petawawa. Jon was just getting ready to type on Facebook that she was crazy; but he received my phone call and realized it was true.

It sounds as though everyone is OK, but it always throws a little scare into me. The hurricanes and floods and earthquakes and tornados and tsunamis....... it seems they're all occurring more often... the earth is groaning in it's labour pains.

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains. Mark 13:8 NIV

I warned Blake that we might get an after-affect sometime later today, through the night, or even tomorrow. I remember feeling an earthquake when I was a teenager. It was very early in the morning. Dani & I shared a bedroom and I was on the upper portion of a not-so-sturdy bunkbed set. The next morning I felt another tremor, although not as strong. Mom & Dad hadn't felt the second one, so I was glad when Dad turned on the radio and they announced that there was a second tremor. I like it when I know I'm not officially going crazy! haha (Unofficially, you should know that I'm extremely crazy!)

Anyways, I will feel better when I can get ahold of my boys. I'm sure they're fine.... I just like the reassurance. [Update: it has taken me forever to type this post because of a few interruptions; however, I have heard from my "troops" and they are fine! Whew!]

So everything is going well with Blake. The Remicade was infused late afternoon yesterday, and all seems to be OK. I would say today has been his best afternoon in many weeks. He had a shower this afternoon as well, and that always helps to perk one up a bit. If he continues to improve, I am gonna guess that we MAYBE can go home Friday, but I'm just guessing. Dr. Paterson was in today and said that Blake should be noticing a difference in his health with the Remicade within 48 - 72 hours. Right now I'd say we're already noticing a positive difference.

You know how the Lord always works things out for our good? Well, we are not on the Gastroenterology Floor. When we were admitted, they were short on beds, and because of Blake's C-Diff infection, we needed an isolated room. So we were brought to the Third Floor of the Davies Wing which is Cardiology (heart).

Well the elevators in this hospital have been receiving repairs since before we were here last October! They're STILL not finished. There is ONE elevator working for Visitors at the Kidd & Davies Wings and ONE elevator working at the Connell Wing. Even the cafeteria staff had to use the Visitor elevator the other day because the only working staff elevator had quit AGAIN.

I was going to head downstairs to the cafeteria and thought, 'I'm not waiting for that cotton-pickin' elevator.... I will be healthier if I take the stairs down to the cafeteria! Then I will cheat and take the elevator back UP!' [snicker] But after I got my food, I decided that it would be better for me if I took the stairs back up to the 3rd Floor.

With each 1/2 level, I was getting slower and slower. I kept thinking "My Shihan and Sensei will be happy that I'm taking the stairs..... My Shihan and Sensei will be happy that I'm taking the stairs.... My Shihan and Sensei will be happy......"

By the time I'd reached for the handle of the 3rd Level door, I stopped, caught my breath, and thought, "THANK GOD WE ARE ON THE CARDIOLOGY FLOOR BECAUSE I'M ALMOST POSITIVE I MUST BE HAVING A HEART ATTACK!!!!!!!" I just can't believe how out-of-shape I am lately!

So, see? God knows what He's doing!

For three days now, I have not taken the elevator.

I haven't had a heart attack yet; but it is nice to know that if I collapse here, clutching at my chest, gasping for air, I am in the exact right place.... here in Cardiology!


And just so you know, there are 59 stair-steps from the basement to the 3rd Floor..... ya' know.... just in case you decide to forego the elevator yourself!


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