Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Watched Pot Never Boils

Ever hear that saying?

"A watched pot never boils"

I remember my Mom and my Grandma Steenburgh using that phrase.

Well, I've been waiting for that cotton-pickin' phone to ring..... and it's not.

Well, of course, there are lots of telemarketers calling; but I want the phone call from the hospital saying they have a bed ready for Blake!

I certainly don't expect a call now that it's the weekend. No one will likely be released, making a bed available, until sometime Monday; so we sit here waiting some more.......

waiting for the pot to boil.......

Blake is still feeling tired and has some bouts of pain in his stomach. He's still taking some Ondansetron to settle the nausea, even though he hasn't had a Methotrexate shot in ten days. Guess it must take a while to get out of his system. He's also continuing with some Tylenol #1s to try and rid his body of some pain. It's not really working all that great. Poor kid.

Last night we attended the Relay For Life (Walk for Cancer) in Picton. It's a fundraiser for Cancer in memory of your loved ones that have already succumbed to the dreadful disease, and you walk around a track for 12 hours (7pm to 7am). Jacob and some friends entered a team called The Tighty Whiteys. They wore white muscle shirts and black spandex shorts, and overtop of the black shorts they wore "tighty whiteys" men's briefs. HILARIOUS. I have pics, but of course don't have them downloaded yet.

Jared and I, along with Jared's friend Brad, decided to go support Jake for a while. We ended up staying for over three hours. We walked the track and listened to the bands and visited with many many folks. I couldn't believe how the time passed by so quickly. We didn't get home until 2am. I think Jake rolled in around 5:30 or 6:00am. I am guessing that because of the thunder and lightning that showed up, they likely cancelled the last hour of the walk. He's still sleeping, so I can't ask him yet.

One of the folks I ran into while we were there was Tammy, someone I've known since we were young teenagers. She has been operating a business of herbs and health supplements called Prince Edward Primary Health, and she is thoroughly convinced that she can help Blake to feel better. My only concern is that when you're on Remicade, you need to be extremely careful of many herbs, etc. that are out there, as it will counter-act this very expensive medicine; but I definitely need to do some investigating and see what would be safe for Blake to take.

Tammy's own daughter was extremely ill a few years ago, and the tests that doctors were running were showing nothing wrong. Tammy, after exhausting all other resources, finally decided to check with an herbalist and within three days of taking some health supplements, her daughter began to show definite signs of improvement and is in wonderful health today.

I am thinking this is definitely something I need to look into.

But for now, we continue to wait for "the call"..... to "watch that pot attempt to boil".

And we will "wait on the Lord and be of good courage, and He will strengthen our hearts". I guess waiting isn't such a bad thing after all.

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