Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/06/19

Blake is feeling a bit better today and tonight.

Last night at midnight he had a fever and again this morning around 4am. The Nurse, who's name I did not get, said his temp was 38.9 C, which is about 102 F. He was supposed to get an x-ray yesterday but I guess there was a mix up or something and he didn't get the x-ray until today. They wanted to ensure that the temperature was not resulting from a different problem in the intestines, such as a hole in the bowel.

Results came back good! There appears to be no hole and no dilation in the bowel. We're thrilled. Dr. Louw and Dr. Fowler are leaning towards the fact that the fever is from the C-Diff. They said a temperature that high would be more likely linked to the C-Diff rather than the Crohn's. They said that there's no realistic timeline as to how quick the meds are going to work to get rid of the infection. He's on Flagyl and Vancomycin to help battle this infection. I will feel better if he is without a temp tonight and tomorrow.

The Remicade has hopefully been ordered and if the infection is better, he will get the miracle medicine on Tuesday. Blake is soooo anxious to get it into his system. We know that the dose in the hospital will not cost us anything; but we pray that the government will authorize the future doses. I am hoping they listen to Dr. Depew this time, since we jumped through all the necessary hoops over the last few months.

Blake's best friend Billy, one of our "adopted sons", along with his girlfriend Julia stopped in tonight. It was good for Blake to spend time with his bud. Billy got us all laughing so hard that Julia and I had to make a trip to the little girls' room. It was nice to see Blake smile from ear to ear. I was doing a bit of smiling myself when they walked in with a Tim Horton's French Vanilla!!!! Ohhhh it went down soooo gooooood! Thanks, Billy-Bob and Julia.

Today we had Nurse Pam and she was simply a delight. Very kind with a good dose of humour. Tonight Nurse Michelle is back on. She asked me if I wanted a cot (I LOVE HER!!!!!). She's gonna go hunt me down one. I hope she hasn't forgotten! In October, the geri-chair worked fine, but yesterday and last night, my lower back and legs are really aching. I did some stretches and some crunches today. Just laying on the hard floor helped my back to feel better. But the legs are aching again now, so hopefully the cot will arrive.

Well, I'm going to sign off. I was up until after 1am this morning, then up again from 4am to 5:30am. I desperately need some shut-eye.

I'll post again tomorrow, seeing as it's Father's Day. Hope you all have some great family time.

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