Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/06/06 - Update (5:40pm)

Today is proving to be a much better day for Blake.

He slept well last night. (Either that, or I slept so soundly I didn't hear him! ha). He has not had any Ondansetron since we got home from the hospital (approx. 2am-ish this morning). I'm glad he hasn't needed any because the hospital gave me TWO pills until I could get the prescription filled. He took the one pill when we got home from the hospital.

I went to the pharmacy to get the prescription filled and they are out of stock for Ondansetron until some time Monday afternoon. Grrrr. They have the 8mg, but not the 4mg, which is what the prescription is written for. And it's a pill that cannot be cut. It dissolves in your mouth. Cool, eh? They find it's an especially perfect pill for small children who are on Methotrexate going through chemotherapy. They don't have to chew it, they don't have to swallow it.... just pop it under the tongue or in the side of the mouth and Presto! it has disappeared and has already started working.

When I got home from my nephew Bruce's Triathalon today, I see that Blake has not had to take the second Ondansetron pill. So that's a good thing. Means his stomach has settled down. First time in ten days!

He is feeling soooo much better and is actually awake! I am thinking that he had so much Gravol in his body, he just couldn't wake up! Today has been the most alert he's been in a long time.

While I was at Bruce's event, a number of folks came to our home after church to pray over Blake. My Mom was here and she figures there were approximately 30 people...... all crammed into one little bedroom. hahhaha. THAT would've been a great photo! I think it did Blake some good to have so many people audibly praying for him. There were people here in every age group.... right from the "younger" to the "older". He even got up and had some lunch with me and my Mom at the table! He ate a small quesadilla with chicken & grated cheese and then, because he was still hungry, had a toasted turkey sandwich with the fixin's of mustard & lettuce & tomato. Mmmm.

Here's hoping that he can put some weight on again!

Please pray that the Specialist, Dr. Depew, will be prompted and guided by the Lord to do what's best for Blake as far as this medicine is concerned. I am hoping he'll take one look at Blake on Wednesday and say, "Well, Blake, you look like crap and I hear you went to the emergency department, soooo let's just mark this med as a failure and get you back on Remicade." That's what I'd LIKE to hear. But the good doctor may decide to give the Methotrexate another few weeks. I just want Blake to feel better; and when you know that the Remicade can heal him up, all other drugs just feel like a big waste of time to me.

But, like I said before, the Lord knows what's best for Blake. It's HIS timing, not mine. It's just my job to care for Blake as best I can. I said to Nurse Jane last night, "I just always doubt myself as to when I should be bringing Blake in here [to the hospital]", and she said, "Michelle, we know you. And we know Blake. And we know his situation. And we know you wouldn't be bringing him here if he didn't need to come. So if you have any doubts, it's better to bring him in and we can get control of the situation before it gets too bad, which then results in him having to be admitted." That made me feel better. I'd feel awful if I thought they were thinking, "Oh GREAAAAT!!!! It's the FOUND's...... AGAIN.....".

But no, that's not what they're thinking at all. To be honest, there are times I don't give two hoots as to what other people think. I really don't. Then there are other times when I DO wonder what they think.... are they judging me? Do they think I'm a bad person? Do they think I'm doing [whatever] wrong? Will they think I'm a terrible person because my house is actually filthier than a pig sty? Will they report me to C.A.S. because there's an inch of filth stuck to the side of my bathtub, probably full of bacteria, and perhaps it will make my children ill? Will they judge me when they look out my windows and realize that it truly is not an overcast day but really the dirt on the windows make it appear that the bright sun is actually hiding behind the clouds?

Yah, I know.... I'm going a little far, but you get the idea.

For the most part, I really don't care what others think, because I know that I am doing the best I can.... And if I'm OK with living in dirt and dog hair, then nobody else should have a problem with it. Right? Right. Besides, I think it's more important that I take the time to watch my kids in their sports events or music shows or even sit down and watch a hockey game on tv with them, rather than vacuuming and cleaning windows and ignoring THEM.

I always like it when I can put things in their proper perspective. hahhaa.

Speaking of putting things in perspective, it would seem that I have some people who would like some supper, so I'd better go get organized. I will update as things change, and will most definitely let you know what our Specialist has to say when we meet with him on Wednesday.

And for tonight? It's hockey night at the Found Residence. Philadelphia is gonna whoop some Chicago butt tonight. Game #5 in a tied series. Jon just got home a little while ago and he'll be enjoying the game with us tonight. Chris P.: We are rootin' for ya!.... well, all except Jared, and we'll just smother him with a pillow. :o)

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