Friday, June 18, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/06/18

I cheated tonight and had a big ol' plate o' fish 'n chips. Mmmm. Fish could've been a smidget hotter, but it was yummy.

Besides my treat of potato chips once in a while, I am trying to eat "properly" while we're in the hospital because I'm not very active and don't want to come of here feeling like a bloated ol' cow.

But I just couldn't resist those french fries tonight. I was going to have the healthy veggie stir-fry, but the man ahead of me ordered fish 'n chips and it sounded soooo good. I had travelled in the elevator with this man; he's a patient on this floor but from another wing. He said he won't eat the hospital food. haha. It's really not all that bad. I have eaten what Blake doesn't, and it tastes pretty good to me.

Anyways, this gentleman and I chatted up a storm in the elevator and in line in the cafeteria, so I invited him to sit and have supper with me. His name is Bill and it sounds like he's a millionaire. He's 68 and has three homes; one in Gananoque, one in Florida, and one in Alabama. He's selling his Gananoque home for $2.5 million. [gasp!] Said he's got a 39-year-old lady friend who likes to go shopping and spend his money. hahha. He came to hospital on the weekend because he suddenly had no feeling in his leg. Doctors told him to be prepared to lose his leg!!! Can you imagine???

As it turns out, they put him on Heparin and Coumadin and they believe he should be able to keep his leg! And he is up and walking about now like nothing is wrong. Wow! Now before you go criticizing me on inviting a stranger to join me at my table, I was not the least bit worried because he was in his hospital gown and was attached to an I.V. pole. No chance of him attacking me or dragging me off anywhere! haha.

No changes in Blake today. He did apparently have a temperature this morning, but his face and body did not feel even slightly warm. When Dr. Fowler came in later, she indicated that she wants to get an x-ray to ensure that Blake's bowel is not dilating. If it is, that could be a problem. It might mean something like a hole in the bowel, which would mean "going under the knife". I told Blake not to panic or worry about any of that because she is just doing the x-ray because of the temperature. I think if there were other problems, he would be experiencing pain, and he's not. She is just taking precautions with the x-ray, to which I am very thankful.

She said that it appears right now that the Remicade dose will likely be on Tuesday now, rather than Monday. This is not because of the temperature/x-ray situation, but rather because it can sometimes take 24 to 48 hours to get the medicine; so I'm guessing it maybe wasn't ordered until today. But that's OK.... it just gives us one more day to ensure the C-Diff infection is going away.

I know I commented yesterday about Nurse Persnickety, but I will just tell you that all the other nurses certainly make up for her poor attitude. When we came to this room very late Wednesday night (rather, early early Thursday morning!) we were greeted by Nurse Bindu. She looks to me to be from India. She's beautiful and she's so sweet. She was on duty again late last night. Yesterday, we had Nurse Michelle (LOVE her name!... haha) and she was very kind as well. In the early evening last night, and again tonight, we have had Nurse Suzette who is a Philipino lady. She is a sweetheart as well. And for today, we had another male nurse, Nurse Don. He retired but returned to nursing and said that he probably works more hours now than when he was full time. He was delightfully kind and compassionate. He said he worked years ago in North Carolina, and I told him that my husband has been recently travelling down in that direction.

They've just been so good to us here. Doctors too. They pop in every day to see how things are. It's not the same doctor all the time, but they're all familiar with Blake's situation and all seem to be in agreement as to how Blake should be treated.

Blake is tired tonight. He's been sleeping since he had supper. I think he's just sick and tired of being sick and tired. He can't remember the last time he felt good. Here's hoping next week will be a turn-around point for him. Please continue to pray that this C-Diff infection will clear up quickly. Crohn's is enough of a problem to deal with, let alone another bowel infection.

And just before I close this post, I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the "mystery person" who rented us a TV for a few days. It was very kind of you. I appreciate watching the soccer games on the TV because the internet has a slight delay. You watch the goalie kick the ball and then the screen freezes.... then it "catches up", but the ball has already moved to the centre of the field. So we greatly appreciate the TV. I have a couple of "ideas" as to who it might be, but my sister has obviously been sworn to secrecy. Again, Mystery Man/Woman..... Thank You so much.

OK, I'm signing off now. I will update on the weekend if there are any changes. God bless.

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