Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/06/15

Good morning at 2:00 am!!!!!

Making this post quick 'cause I.AM.TIRED!!!!!

Blake had much abdomenal and back pain today, and I felt it was getting worse as the evening progressed. We went to Picton Emergency Dept again, for the second night in a row, and Dr. Hayward-Steward immediately put him on some Ondansetron (to control nausea) and some Morphine. We believe the nausea was just a result of the pain, though. After the drugs got in him, he was in his happy place.

She asked us what WE wanted to do..... go home or be admitted. Me likey Dr. Hayward-Stewart! Blake said he just didn't feel that the Tylenol #1's we were taking at home were effective enough, and she said, "You know what? Let's admit you."

Right up to last night, they have not been admitting patients because of a virus outbreak; however, today they got one area of the hospital cleaned up and opened one of the wards. So Blake basically has a private room..... he has his choice of one out of four beds! haha. Actually, the very spot that he's sleeping is where Blake's Great-Grandpa Steenburgh died 15 years ago. Grandpa had an unexpected heart attack during his stay in hospital. He died one week after my niece Carley was born and one week before Jared was born.

Anyways, it didn't seem to bother Blake. He said, "Oh, we come from a big family. I'm sure someone has died in every room". I told him that although not every room was "the final stay" for members of our family, I do believe that I have known someone who has stayed in each and every room in our little hospital.

So, they are keeping Blake overnight in order to control the severe stabbing pain he is having in his intestines, and they will call Dr. Depew's office in the morning and advise him of the situation. Hopefully that will get the ball rolling and we'll be in Kingston within a day or two. (Please, please, please!!!)

I wanted to stay with him, but he insisted I come home for a good night's sleep. He's so doped up on Morphine, he won't know if I'm there or not anyways! hahaha. Oh, I'm teasing. He's not THAT bad. But the Morphine certainly has helped to control his pain. Thank You, Lord!

So, off to bed I go, folks. Please DO NOT VISIT BLAKE IN HOSPITAL!!!!! Apparently they are restricting visitors anyway, because of the virus outbreak; but I DO NOT want his already-low-immune system compromised. I want him healthy and ready to receive his dose of Remicade. If you want him to know you are thinking of him, then please click the COMMENTS button at the bottom of this post and type him a message. It is easy, just follow the instructions. It's also difficult for him to reach the phone from his bed, so PLEASE just let him rest and heal. I've never asked this during the other hospitalizations, but I am asking this time. If I find you in there, I WILL kick you out!!!!! [You know who you are!]

Eyelids heavy...... must.get.sleep.

Thank you for your prayers, everyone. Blake and I were just talking before I left his hospital room tonight about how he feels so much closer to the Lord through all of this. God has His purposes. We are just to be faithful and trust. Right now that's what Blake is doing.

I've always wondered how people could thank the Lord for the trials that they experienced. I am slowly understanding what they mean.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you're in Kingston Blake so the Dr can get that precious medicine into you.
You're in our prayers as always
God bless