Friday, June 25, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/06/25

Today hasn't started off so great for Blake.

His diahrea has returned and he's physically drained and weak.

After speaking with Medical Student Dan this morning, and after he consulted with Dr. Paterson, it is their feeling that perhaps the diahrea has returned because the lower dosage of morphine.

Dr. Paterson feels at this point that the Remicade is still being effective because of the fact that Blake is not experiencing any abdominal pain right now, and he hasn't had any morphine since Thursday morning. So this is a good thing.

Blake has, although, been experiencing some bouts of nausea, and Stemetil seems to be helping in that area; his stomach seems to settle after receiving a dose.

So because of the return of diahrea and Blake's weakness & nausea, we are going to remain here another day or two. It is soooo hard to get back into hospital, so I am sure not going to rush him outta here. Doctors are not rushing us either.... don't let me give you the wrong idea. It's their feeling he should stick around a while longer as well.
OK, so as soon as I get all that typed, in walks Dr. Paterson and Dr. Melicharkova and Medical Students Dan & John.

Basically he reconfirmed everything I typed above. Blake is currently on Vancomycin and Flagyl for the C-Diff infection, and has been on this since last Wednesday. They are going to continue with Vancomycin for a few more days, but they are going to stop the Flagyl, as it is known to cause nausea. Dr. Paterson thought they might do another C-Diff test; however, being on these meds will only mask the results of the test anyways.

He confirmed what I stated above about the morphine affecting the stools. So when Blake was on morphine, his stools were in better 'condition'. Now that he's not, things are loosening up. (Sorry to be so graphic, but you never know... this might help YOU down the road!)

We will be remaining here over the weekend into next week. Jacob graduates on Tuesday, so I am praying Blake will be well enough to come home for that. If not, I'll head home to celebrate with "my baby bird" as he receives his graduating diploma, then return here with Blake.

This morning our Pastor stopped in for a visit. I think it's just what Blake needed. He felt very discouraged this morning, and I believe the Pastor's words of encouragement helped Blake to perk up a bit. Thanks Pastor Griffin. (And thanks for the TV rental.... we are so well looked after in the TV department between you and Cuz'n Brenda!)

Blake did have some soup and potato salad and peaches for lunch, so hopefully things will continue to improve throughout the day.

Thank you for your prayers. I'll update as changes occur. Hoping to see Jon & Jared walk through the door for a visit anytime now. :o)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Blake
I emailed you a couple of days ago but your Mom said something about the gmail not getting through so you may not get it until you get home.
Anyway, I said that I'm not much for Facebook but am just an old fashioned emailer.
I pray that things straighten around for you soon.It's been a long battle for you & you have been a real inspiration & blessing to many people on how you've handled this struggle & continue to praise the Lord.
He knows what He's doing -- good thing eh because we humans sure don't know why you have to endure all this.
All the ladies from Bible study have you on our prayer list for the summer so we're going to keep God busy listening to our pleas.
Your Mom has become a drugist professional with all the names of drugs & doctors. She should get her honourary drugest & Dr certificate.
You are in our thoughts & Prayers
Love Carolyn