Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/06/05

Just to give you a heads-up, I will be taking Blake into Picton Emerg later this morning. He's just weak enough that I think he needs more fluids, etc. and is in enough pain that he likely needs some steroids by IV to heal up the intestines again. He's eating and drinking well here at home; unfortunately, all the good nutrients are passing through his system with the diahrea.

I was hoping a few rough days after Dose #3 of Methotrexate would start turning around; however, he's just getting worse and I'm not monkeying around anymore. This "circus act" that the government has us playing is certainly not getting us anywhere. We've jumped through their hoops, now I'd like to see us get back on that Remicade! Argh! Very frustrating.

But the Lord is not up there stewing and fretting over this, so neither should I. It's hard to kick your own butt, so anyone out there with nice long legs who'd like to kick my rather flabby hiney.... let me know!

Hoping that Picton Emerg will admit him. Whether we stay in Picton or get transferred to Kingston, I just don't know. No internet at Picton, so I'll have my sisters update Facebook and this blog as things change.

Blake's a tough little trooper. God has His reasons for this. Read the book of Job. It will help to put things in perspective.

Thanks for praying for him. And please pray that Blake is protected from other viruses at the hospitals. Picton just recently had a virus breakout that affected the patients. Pray for a hedge of protection around Blake's body (physically AND mentally!). Thanks.

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