Sunday, June 20, 2010

Down On The Farm

HaPpY FaThEr'S DaY to my Dad, Ikey Fraser!!!!!

I can't spend today with him because I am with one of my son's in a hospital as he battles a Crohn's Disease episode.

But I wanted to acknowledge my Dad on this special day. In fact, if I recall correctly, I believe I was in the hospital with Blake back on Mother's Day as well. So today's post can be for BOTH my parents.... Dwain (Ikey) & Jean Fraser.

My Dad always recited a poem called "Down On The Farm". I recall him reciting it when I was a little girl. It always amazed me that he had every word memorized. In fact, he just recited it to me about two weeks ago. He suffered some mini-strokes about a decade ago and it has affected his memory in some ways. But sure enough, he seems to remember this poem.

I have checked on the world wide web, and unfortunately almost every version I've come across is different than what my father recited.... just the odd word here and there are different. I have found one that is close, and I might change a word here or there that is what I remember my father reciting. (I do not know the original author.)

Down On The Farm

Down on the farm 'bout half past four

I slip on me pants and sneak out the door

Out to the barn I run like the dickens

To milk ten cows and feed the chickens

Clean out the barn, curry Nancy and Jiggs

Separate the cream and slop all the pigs

Work two hours then eat like a Turk

By heck I'm ready for a full day's work.

Grease the wagon and put on the rack

Throw a jug of water in the ol' grain sack

Hitch up the horses, hustle down the lane

Must get the hay in 'cause it sure looks like rain

Look over yonder, sure as I'm born

Cattle's on the rampage and cows in the corn

Start across the medder, run a mile or two

Heaving like I'm windbroke, get wet clean through

Get back to the horses, and then for recompense

Nance gets straddled in the barbwire fence

Joints all a-achin' and muscles in a jerk

I'm fit as a fiddle for a full day's work

Work all summer 'til winter is nigh

Then figure up the books and heave a big sigh

Worked all year, didn't make a thing

Got less money now than I had last spring

Now some people say there ain't no hell

But they never farmed, so how can they tell?

When spring rolls around I'll take another chance

While the fringe grows longer on me ol' gray pants

Give me s'penders a hitch, me belt another jerk

And by heck, I'm ready for a full day's work.

Have a great day, Dad & Mom!!!!

We love you!

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